What Your Bot Can Do For You – That You Can’t!

Instagram auto-follow tools allow you to grow your following, manage your schedule, goals and also your workflows. These tools are easy to use, and all you do is to access the dashboard, and you can tweak all the features of the system.

Do you know that with Instagram automation you can reach more than 900 million users on the platform easily? These tools make it easier than when you do everything manually, so don’t hesitate to implement the tool on your Instagram accounts.

So, what can such a tool do for you?

Auto Post on Instagram

With these tools, you can instantly post content to your Instagram accounts at the touch of a button. You don’t have to move from account to account posting the content one by one, all you do is to schedule the posts and choose which account it goes to. This way you have more time on your hands to create the best content to satisfy the needs of the audience.

Ease of Use

Each tool is designed with your satisfaction in mind. This means most of the tools give you a web interface that you can use to perform the tasks. You don’t need any technical knowledge to implement these tasks. What you can do is to read the documentation so that you can use the platform faster.

Support for All Types of Content

The bots that you come across at this time support all kind of content that you might post. For instance, you can choose to share a video on one account, images on another and leverage Instagram Stories on another account, right from the dashboard.

Free Trials

All reputable providers of auto follow, and auto liker bots stand behind their tools and guarantee you that the tools work as expected. To this end, they give you tools that you can use as trials without having to purchase the tool. Using the trial allows you to determine which tools work for your account because then you have the ability to see the results first hand. The trial period ranges from 1 day to 3 days.

After you understand what the tool does and how it works to give you the results, you need to choose the right one for your account. Income Artist has reviewed the most prolific auto followers & auto liker apps, saving you the time to go through each individually.

Auto Following Features

The auto-follow feature allows you to set your accounts so that you can follow other users according to certain criteria. This is one of the best ways to follow targeted groups and to gain valuable follow backs.

The tools give you powerful targeting options to that you set the target settings the right way. You can follow depending on the location, people, and hashtags. You can also set the tool to follow any recent followers of an account that you have identified to be vital to your marketing needs.

The tool comes with various options that you can set. These include the following speed, which is the rate at which you want the account to follow. The options range from slow to high depending on the performance of your account at the moment.

You can also decide to pause the time so that you choose the time when the app goes back to normal. After all the tasks are completed, you can check out the auto-follow log to see who has followers you.

The Bottom-line

Any bot that you use to automate your engagement on Instagram is supposed to help you sell more and extend your reach. With this, you stand to perform better on your marketing efforts.