Time For An Espresso Wake Up Call

Nothing works better to wake up then a fresh cup of espresso. The problem is creating a delicious cup of espresso because the cheap espresso machines produce nothing like what you get at Starbucks or any other coffee specialist so perhaps it’s time we start to review a few professional espresso machines so that you don’t have to leave the door for your wake up call.

Making Your Own Espresso Without a Machine

Did you know you don’t actually need a machine to make a great espresso? Before reviewing the most popular machine you should know you can also do it yourself, and the process isn’t all that complicated, it’s just a little time consuming so this is not for the busy bees around us. You do need a coffee press for this, which is rather affordable.

  • Start with grinding your coffee beans
  • Heat the water till it boils
  • Add the coffee grounds into the press and add a tiny bit of water
  • Wait for a little and add more water per your needs and stir it
  • Now it’s time to wait exactly four minutes, no more no less
  • Gently press the piston and make sure it goes down smooth

Lastly, pour the espresso in a cup right after you’ve done the above and you just made yourself the best espresso imaginable.

That having been said, let’s look at some machines that do everything for you with just one click of a button.

De’Longhi EC155 Espresso Maker

This is the first one on our list because it’s a rather affordable model as we understand like no other that not everyone has hundreds of dollars to spare for an espresso machine. Although the reviews aren’t all that great Amazon did pick it as their favorite choice and they don’t do that without reason.

It could very well be that the reviews directly relate to the low price as it’s hard to create the perfect coffee with a machine that sells a little under a hundred bucks, to accomplish this cheaper parts need to be used so it’s very possible that people run into issues like buttons that stop working, handles that are extra sensitive, and other problems that usually fall under warranty but if you ever bought something from Amazon before you know how gruesome it is to return a product so this would definitely put people off.

So, in this case, it’s not so much about creating the perfect espresso, it’s more about the sturdiness of the actual machine. When you take a closer look at the actual reviews that people left you’ll see that it’s mostly about technicalities so don’t forget, you get what you pay for.

Capresso EC100 Espresso Machine

Based on the model number you’d think the Capresso has something to do with the De’Longhi, like a sister company or something along those lines, or just a copy-cat, perhaps we find out more about that later in this article. The machine costs around $145 which is a pretty good price for an espresso machine in this budget range.

Some things worth mentioning about this machine are the stainless steel lined heating element as well as the 46-ounce removable water container. Other features include two sieves for single or double cups and obviously it comes with a frother that’s rather easy to use and allows you to add as much steam as you prefer.

The reviews are once again a little disappointing with an average rating of 3.8 stars, not really something to be proud off but despite that, it didn’t stop 250+ people from purchasing this machine. Well, purchasing, that is just the number of people that reviewed it, who knows how many bought it.

AICook Espresso Machine

This is a brand new model that just hit the market at a price of $125 and although it has AI (artificial intelligence) in its name I don’t expect it to be that clever at this price. Perhaps it’s just a name play, announcing it like “I cook” and that’s all there is to it.

Because it’s a new model it comes with tech support from Amazon itself, perhaps this was a requirement for new applications to hit the market? We’ve never seen this before so who knows.

The features of this machine definitely stand out with a one-click operation system, a frothing wand of course for steam without limits, a very large reservoir that can hold up to 1.8 liters so it’s also suitable for large families. On top of that, it will save you energy as it goes into sleep mode if it hasn’t been touched for 25 minutes after the brewing ended. The best part is probably the two-year warranty on defective parts and/or the repayment warranty, we definitely don’t see that often.

If we have to sum it all up you can see that you can’t get the perfect espresso machine for under $150 but you can brew the perfect espresso, just don’t expect that these machines won’t last a lifetime and need replacement after approx 2 years if you use it on a daily base and all is good. You’d spend more if you had to visit Starbucks each day.