Snow Blowers – A Hot Way To Do A Cold Job


A snow blower is a tool or a machine which is used to remove unwanted snow from areas such as roadways, highways, sidewalks or rail tracks. To remove large amounts of snow a snow blower or thrower is required.

A snow blower is important equipment which comes in different designs and specifications and it is appropriate that you do your research about the use and quality of your snow blower. To attain a better proficiency in snow removing you should have knowledge about the best equipment for your work. To make your choice simple you can visit for detailed knowledge of snow blowers and their specifications and applications.

Types of snow blowers

A snow blower comes in different types based on fuel on which it operates.

Electrically powered snow blowers

  • Electric snow shovel– These are little in size and light in weight and are used for clearing the snow in small areas.
  • Electrically powered snow blowers– This snow blowers posses 18 inches of cutting width and are powered with 12 to 15 amps. These are used for larger areas where snow cover is dense and strong.

Snow blowers powered with gas

Gas powered single and double stage snow blower- Single gas powered snow blowers can clear up to 12 inches of snow at a time but they clear up to 8 inches of snow efficiently. They are equipped with four cycle engines instead of 2 cycle engines which ensure better torque performance and efficiency.
A double powered gas blower is suited for larger place and can clear up to 24 inches of snow at a time. This blower is quite large in size. Hence, it is not flexible in use.

A snow blower also comes with manual and automatic chutes. In manual blowers, you need to fix the chutes according to your specification whereas in automatic blowers it is a matter of pressing a button only and the blades or plane of the blower will function itself.

Tips to buy a suitable snow blower-

  • Easy Operation- the technology should be simple and user friendly and the blower should be easy to operate and handle.
  • Size and speed- it should be of suitable size neither too big nor too small and should be effective speed and efficiency wise.