Six Plumber Tips If You Are Just Starting Out

Hiring a plumber can cost a lot of money and not everyone can afford that of course. So for that reason, we decided to write a quick guide about things can you learn yourself so that you can avoid spending money on a professional that you might not even need in the first place.

The Toilet & Faucet

It’s not too complicated to fix a few parts inside your toilet or faucet, just make a photo of it before you start to replace any parts that are a little more complicated. You don’t want to forget a tiny little screw that prevents things from leaking so taking a photo how it all fits in place is a good way to avoid this.

Usually, the flappers are worn, in that case, you just get a few replacements at your local hardware costs and put those new ones in place. There is really very little that can go wrong when doing that. Just make sure you shut off the water first. If you have a more modern toilet you probably have to replace the whole cartridge that all the parts are fitted into and be done within minutes.

Removing Clogs

Sometimes things clog up a little, you don’t have to use aggressive chemicals to fix that problem. Instead, you can unclog it yourself with a drain snake. Drain snakes are much cheaper than those chemicals by the way so you can save a lot of money, and alternatively, you can even try to suck up the clog if you own a strong dry vacuum machine.

Showerhead issues

The easiest way is to simply unscrew the showerhead and apply new tape. This always fixes it immediately without having to ask anyone for assistance. Don’t even bother your neighbor about this as it is so easy to fix and you don’t want to embarrass yourself now do you? In some cases, the showerhead itself is clogged, rather unlikely but not impossible. The easiest way to work around that is by soaking it in a bowl with warm water and vinegar and before you know it the clog gets dissolved.

Water Pipe Fittings

If you can’t get any pipe part to lose because it’s been in place for that long try to fix it by heating it up. A simple blow dryer can do the job for you, and I’m sure you have that in your house don’t you? It would be easier with a propane torch but I can imagine not everyone has one. I sure don’t.

Water Heater Improvements

All it takes is checking your thermostat to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. If it does simply adjust it to a lower temperature. There’s no magic to that. Another way to save energy is by insulating the water tank itself. Ask your hardware shop for insulating blankets and materials to attach it to the tank and you’re probably done within the hour, and save a lot of extra money throughout the whole year and beyond.


Now if you do deal with an issue that you can impossible fix yourself make sure to hire an expert like right away, for them, it’s a daily task and if you let your wife make the appointment and come up with a sob story they might even provide you some discount 😉