Preparing for Your First Bike Tour

Are you considering your first bicycle tour? These tours can be as simple as a ride to the next town or as huge as a ride across the country with buddies. Each is an experience in itself and gives you a healthy and exciting way to explore. To turn this into reality, you need a foolproof plan. Here is an insight into what you need to have, how to execute the plan and the type of tour that is right for you.

What Tour Should You Consider?

You need to find out the types of touring available in your region. Your choice will depend on various factors such as:

  • The time you have on your hands.
  • Your budget for the tour.
  • The requirements for each tour.
  • Your physical ability.

You can link up with touring companies to give you the package you need. You can also decide to go for a self-supported tour with your friends.

Decide on the Number of People in the Tour

The way you handle the planning also depends on the number of people in the tour. Small groups are easy to manage and plan for, but larger groups of more than 6 people need more effort. Group cycling is much safer than riding alone, and more fun. It is also advisable to start touring with a large group before going solo.

If you choose to join a group, make sure you understand the terrain, activities, scenery and the interests of the group. You also need to know your strengths and limitations so that you prepare accordingly.

The Route

The route you choose will dictate the terrain you are going to tackle during the tour. Make sure you know what to expect and get the right bike for the day. Although you can enjoy the tour on almost any terrain type, you need the right bike to handle rough terrains. Start your search for the right bike at

You need to prepare for truck and car traffic, which might make some routes dangerous to navigate. Make sure that the routes you choose allow bicycle riding. The person planning the route should try and avoid routes that have bridges or narrow tunnels, construction sites and busy stretches to enhance safety of the group.

Timing is Everything

Certain times are busy while others are ideal for your tour. Busy times make it hard for you to get the accommodation you need. You also need to go for the tour when the weather is right. Cool, sunny weather is suitable for your task. Bad weather, on the other hand, can turn a perfect bike tour into an unbearable experience. Make sure to research into the weather patterns before you embark on the ride.

Final Thoughts

A bike tour is an ideal way to cool off and blow some steam. You get the chance to interact with your friends and family as well as tour the countryside. However, you need to plan everything before you embark on this tour. Understand the route and know what you need for the tour.