Practical Ideas to Open Up your Space for Spring/Summer 2019

Yep, spring and summer are seasons for the senses.  The crocuses are pushing up from the soil. Cherry blossoms are beginning to open. You’re now waking up to the persistent chirping of birds. Indeed, this is the change that you’ve been waiting for! It’s time to get a new burst of energy, reboot, and refresh. What more? Of course, you want to open up your living space. Here’s how to do it;

Convert your Loft

Converting your loft is a brilliant way to create more space. Besides, a well-orchestrated conversion can provide storage area below your stairs. On top of that, it reduces the strain on some of your rooms. What’s more? It doesn’t interfere with your homes outside space as is the case with extensions.

There’s a catch though. You need to hire a professional loft conversion service to do the job for you. See, modifying your loft isn’t the simplest of tasks – unless you have the first-hand experience, of course. So, be sure to look for North London loft conversions experts to transform your empty area into stylish, comfortable and functional spaces where you can spend time with your loved ones during spring and summer.

Let in Some Air

The quickest, straightforward way to welcome spring is to open all the windows. Turn on your fans to help circulate the air. After the seemingly unending long winter, the last thing that you want in your house is dry, recycled air. Think of it as a way to kick out germs and dust. If you’re still struggling with cold, you may consider opening the window of one or two hours as you run your errands.

Clean your House

Sure, cleaning isn’t for everyone. However, a clean house is welcoming and comfortable. In other words, you’ll enjoy your home more during spring and summer if you dust off that wintry grime. Consider paying someone to do the seasonal cleaning for you if you don’t like doing household chores.

What do you need to do? Well, start by washing your windows inside and out. Revive your carpets and rugs. Give your ceiling a closer wipe before turning them on. The long and short of it is that cleaning your home leaves it feeling refreshed and prepped for the warm season.


There’s no way you’re going to start your spring on a clean slate with overflowing closets and everything else laying around. So, take a quick assessment, and figure out what needs to go away. You can sell or donate anything you don’t require.  Remember loft conversion? Indeed, you can tuck some of your possession in the newly acquired space.

Work on your Wardrobe

Yes, you need to open up your wardrobe. Why? Because spring is unpredictable season weather-wise. More specifically, you’ll be swinging wildly between winter-like and almost -summer temperatures on any given day.

So, you must store your bulkiest and heaviest sweaters and boots elsewhere. By extension, you’ll be creating space for light layers such as leather jackets, cardigans, blazers, and trench coats. Don’t forget to introduce a few brightly hued clothes and accessories to spruce up your color scheme.

Organize your Kitchen

A lot of cooking happens during spring and summer. Your kitchen has to look pretty and in order. Consider replacing your cabinets if they’re not roomy enough. Also, toss out last year’s spices to create more space. Replace all storage containers without lids.

Of course, you shouldn’t stack your frying pans. Instead, group them in categories to allow you to work inside your kitchen conveniently. And, because you don’t want dishes and glasses on the other side of your house, make sure that you remove them straight from the dishwasher to the storage area. Keep them in a base cabinet or closet if you don’t have wall cabinets in your kitchen. With more room, you’ll convert your kitchen to a workroom, a place to entertain and of course, dine throughout spring and summer.

Make Small Tweaks in Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room is an essential supporting room. So, ensure that you have a place to store your cleaning supplies, rotary irons, and ironing boards. A laundry room, much like your cooking place, has to function while providing space to move around.

Sure, you’ll require more than two laundry baskets, but you can consider grouping them in buckets for dirty darks, clean darks, hand-washing and so on. Install a hanging rope and a sweater rack to dry your clothes. Fold your laundry before taking it into the closet.

Tidy Up Your Library

Have you ever heard about the KonMari Method? If you haven’t, you should do some research on it. But, to give you a snippet, it says that one of the categories of tidying is books. Don’t ignore books when it comes to creating more space for spring and summer.

Take a look at your library. You’ll come across a couple of titles you haven’t read, and ones you’ll never open. Now, this is the best time to get rid of those. Or, you can give them to a friend who wouldn’t mind going through them. Better yet, you may decide to donate them to your local library.Pinpoint your favorite reads and find a place to keep them. Arrange the books by color to make it easy for you to locate a specific book.

De-clutter your Home Office

If there’s a place you shouldn’t overlook when de-cluttering your home for spring and summer, it’s your office. Keep in mind that how your home office looks directly affects your productivity. So, add a shelve or cabinet. You can even opt for a simple paper organizer. The idea is to stop books and paper from piling on your desk.

Be sure to go through the available paperwork to see if there’s anything you can get rid of. File crucial documents from the previous year. That way, you will create a serene environment to work as your usher in spring.

See? It isn’t that hard to open up your space for spring and summer. You only need to get the basics correct.