Light Up Your Outdoors Affordably: Advantages of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

High-voltage lights are powered by a120-volt electricity, which is the standard electrical grid output in the UK. Based on LumiGrowth findings, low-voltage lights use a transformer to reduce high-voltage output, which goes down to 12-volts. Low-voltage lights provide myriad of advantages when compared to its counterpart and are frequently used in outdoor landscape lighting set-up and designs.

What are the advantages of low-voltage outdoor lighting?


Aesthetic attractiveness is one of good whys and wherefores for installing low voltage lighting for your outdoor environment. The aesthetic outdoor appearance will drastically be enhanced through placing up low voltage outdoor accent lighting. You will be able to choose from wide array of lighting with different colors, style, and sizes which will enable you to accentuate your outdoor surrounding even without the aid of skilled professionals. Smaller bulbs will be best in designing your terrain.

Energy Efficient

Compared to the incandescent bulbs, low-voltage lighting is highly energy-efficient. This lights can emit a similar amount of light as with incandescent bulb while through only 20% of the energy used by incandescent light.


With minimum energy consumption comes reduced monthly electric bills, not to mention the initial cost of the bulb itself. A significant sum of money can be saved in the long run through using low voltage lighting since this provide excellent illumination outdoors without consuming much energy compared to other lighting option. The long lifespan will also save you time and money from the cost of frequently buying new bulbs as well as the time spent on replacing it.

Safe and Secure

Low-voltage lighting is simpler, less complicated to install than the other lighting options. Outdoor installation is also safe from the danger of electrocution once it is exposed to snow or rain. Also, there will be minor hassles in installation since there will be no need for getting permits from the government. And since it allows do-it-yourself, one can be saved from expenses of hiring an electrical contractor. Regarding security, installing extreme low voltage lighting can even deter intruders through illuminating pathways, making your place much secure.

Environment-Friendly and Longer Lifespan

With the increasing demand for electricity, resources are starting to deplete. Low-voltage outdoor lighting consumes less energy and so helps in energy conservation. This type of lights, especially the LED can last 50x longer than halogen and incandescent bulbs which mean you can save from bulb replacement.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting is often the solution for individuals who are looking for the most cost-effective lighting in the market. It is primarily because of lots of benefits provided to its users. To achieve a thriving lighting set-up, the first thing you have to do is know the outdoor lighting style that will best suit your landscape. Allocating time for planning will surely worth your time and effort, for this you probably may be rewarded with a residence that looks exquisite during nighttime while spending lesser than usual as well as ensuring your safety.

Better be practical than spend thousand bucks for unreliable outdoor lighting. You should be wiser these days!