Instagress Alternatives

With technological advancement, marketing has moved real quick from print media and television to social media. Instagram, a mobile, and internet photo-sharing site has more than 300,000,000 followers. You simply upload your advert in a form of a photo, add some text and you can reach the masses. With the closure of Instagress, a once user favorite Instagram bot, fredharrington discusses its best alternatives that will make you forget the influence of Instagress.

If you are struggling with transition then Follow Adder is the way to go because it works quite similarly to Instagress with the only difference being that the former can be downloaded meaning you will have faster and safer control over the app. It gains you, followers, automates your posts, likes, and comments on others posts and promotes your page improving your viewership. When you are running more than one Instagram account it saves you the stress of having to memorize all those schedules and runs contests on your behalf giving you a higher chance of winning.

Apart from performing the standard tasks, InstaQ helps authenticate your account. This is a crucial feature when you are running a business account. InstaQ follows people for you, unfollows the followers and notifies your followers to check out your latest post. You have the freedom to choose whatever you would like InstaQ to automate for you. It has a trial and a premium list. Premium contains nine more features including hashtag tool and VIP membership.

Another alternative, Following Like, works when you are operating multiple social media sites that you want to be maintained regularly. Performs the basic following, unfollowing, liking, unliking, commenting, sharing and using hashtags to link your page to similar pages,

Instazood boasts of ease of use and reliable support. Their most detailed electronic work ensures your account advances in the most natural way possible. It has mechanisms that ensure you don’t break the rules.

Agora Pulse and Sprout Social, a team of people rather than a computer system, manage your social media accounts using a team of reliable, friendly and experienced analysts but places more control on your hands. They ensure you are liking, commenting and managing all the incoming activity.

Hotsuite, more of a social media manager than an automated bot compact all your social media accounts into one manageable account. It should not worry you because it will tell you exactly where your liking or commenting belongs.

Social Envy boasts the power of increasing your followers permanently, not artificially by linking you with like-minded people. You cant build your Instagram with the community you wish to interact with.