How To Keep Your Diabetic Kid Safe While Outdoors

In the old days, diabetes was associated with old age but times have changed. The young are also at risk of suffering from diabetes just like the older generation. For a toddler battling a serious disease like diabetes it’s quite a task and demanding, but you must keep your kid safe. For safety, purposes informing the child and educating them about the dangers involved is a necessity. It is important to keep the environment-friendly for them because this is a lifetime responsibility to everybody involved in the family. Below are general tips for a child to stay safe while outdoors.

Check their blood sugar level before they leave

Their blood sugar level is supposed to be at a safe rate before they leave. It is necessary to check even if they will be out for few hours. You do not need to be a trained doctor to check BP level. Just buy a glucose monitor and follow the manufacturers’ instructions on how to use and you are good to go.

Remind them to avoid a lot of sun heat while outdoor

Always let them have it at the back of their mind how important it is to take care of themselves. While outdoor in hot weather, the right thing is to stay away from the direct sun rays to avoid dehydration. Dehydration triggers high blood sugar.

Keep Glucose nearby

Glucose tablets are the best fast acting solution in case of the sugar level is not stable. If you have not accompanied the child, let them know where you have safely kept the glucose tablets.

Remind them to protect themselves from injuries and the feet

Because of the struggle of healing wounds for a diabetic child, it is always a necessity to remind them to protect themselves from walking barefoot. Especially in the sand, to avoid hurting themselves. It’s necessary to remind them and to clean their feet well when they are back to keep off any threatening infection.

Pack for them a medic alert bracelet 

A medical alert bracelet is very necessary, just in case, an attack happens the people involved will have an idea how to give fast-aid. People can always know what to do in case your child’s health deteriorates when you are away.

Pack for them a designated identification card

For a comprehensive safety for a child, a designated identity card is very vital. A simple made up-to-date identity card should have a current photo of the child, guardian’s contacts, and location. Have a look at ready-made templates at EasyIDCard, which can be used to make one for your child. Chances of your kid landing on safe hands are very high when he or she has an identity card. The design of the id does not have to be complicated but just something simple with all the relevant details.

A child with diabetes needs extra care especially while outdoors. Always pack for them all the diabetics supplies, medication, and insulin. Remind them to keep off the insulin from the direct sunlight.