Growing marijuana With LED grow lights

Notably, marijuana cultivation is now either legal or regulated in most states. This has led to many potential growers going to great lengths in their bid to find the best method to grow them. This has therefore seen a rapid growth in the market for effective and efficient equipment that can be used to grow marijuana. One of the newest technologies that have taken this industry by storm is the use of LED grown lights. As much as it may be new in the scene, it is quickly gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and efficiency in energy use and set up. What’s more, you can use it for the full life cycle of your marijuana plants.

LED vs HID grow lighting

Compared to the HID or fluorescent lighting, LEDs produce much more light. This would naturally mean that they run cooler, thus drastically reducing the costs of electricity while at the same time reducing the risk of fire in the grow room. In most cases, LED grown lights come fully equipped with their own minute, built-in fans and therefore do not require any additional ventilation unless in special situations. They also do not require any ballast unlike other forms of grow lighting. This eventually leads to higher yields at little cost.

Setting up a grow room for marijuana can be hectic when using HID lighting. This is because just like ballasts they are very heavy and would call for a lot of support before they can hang comfortably. Furthermore, their brightness reduces each year, making it a habit to replace each time this happens. With LED lights, this is a thing of the past since they remain effective for many years thus saving on costs that would have otherwise been incurred in repairs and maintenance.

Normally, LED lights would be described in regard to the equivalent wattage that would be needed in a HPS or HID light to offer the same results. For instance, a LED grow light labeled “300W” shows that you can use this in place of a 300W LED grow light even though its real wattage may be as low as 140W on the LED. Little heat would naturally mean that you will be saving on costs in the long run in terms of electricity used to power the ventilation systems and lights. Here are some brilliant suggestions.

Popular LED grow light brands

One of the most notable LED grow lights to grow marijuana is the Advanced Platinum P-Series LED Grow Lights. It is a popular brand that produces reliable, high quality and powerful lights.  Based on their advertisements, they are projected to offer up to three times the intensity in lumens compared to other grow lights. Each of its lights come packaged with little fans and aluminum cooling heats sinks.

The other popular brand is the GalaxyHydro LED Grow Lights. This provides full spectrum lights that are essential for the vegetative and flowering stages. They are efficient based on its light weight and ease of installation. The lights are also durable with the ability to stay strong for 50,000 hours. You can therefore get shopping and opt for LED grow lights that will meet your needs.