Another Way To Flawlessly Apply Lipstick

This is a shout out to teenagers and young women, or anyone who uses make-up. Are you wearing you make-up properly? To be more specific, are you putting your lipstick on correctly? Believe it or not, there are particular ways you can apply one of the most commonly used beauty products. Let’s help get your make-up game on point!

Lipstick is the most versatile piece of make-up, used to both complement a face or to make a bold statement.

There are loads of techniques at your disposal depending on what you want the affect to be, sweet and mild or rich and seductive. Lipstick really brings the whole makeover together. But, if it’s sloppy or doesn’t quite match anything else, it can throw everything off. The website, Lovely Lips, has a lot of great pointers.


The best way to make sure your lipstick applies good and lasts long enough, is to take care of your lips.


You have to moisturize and exfoliate them before you apply the lipstick. That way, it won’t crack or smear leaving it just the way you want it. Just make sure you remove any moisturizer still on your lips before applying the lipstick.


Next, you’ll want to prime your lips.


This will give the lipstick something to cling to and fill in any lines. It will also minimize the chance of having the lipstick bleed. You can use a setting powder or foundation, but it should be applied lightly. You can also utilize a lip liner as the base. The lip liner can also be used to line your lips, giving a nice, defined look to the edge your lipstick.


After having done that, now you’ll want to apply the lipstick.

This should be done from the center of your lips moving outward. Here, you can blot it a little bit and add another layer. This will make your lipstick uniformly the same shade throughout. Then, you should blot it once more. Blotting your lipstick will help keep it off your teeth and make it last longer.

To blot the inside of your lips, you can put your finger in your mouth, close your lips, and then slowly and gently pull you finger out removing any excess lipstick. To blot the rest of your lips, you can fold a napkin or tissue in half and then gently press it in between your lips. Be careful not to smear or rub it as you remove the extra make-up. Then, all you have to is fix anything outside the lines. This can be done by applying foundation and blending it with a cotton ball or make-up brush. More information about applying make-up or about beauty products in general can be found at Lovely Lips. One click, and your beauty is assured!