Adding effects to clothing items using fabric spray paint

It is quite common to have a wardrobe full of old clothes that have either gone out of fashion or the color has faded on them making them aesthetically unappealing. An easy option is to throw them away and buy new clothes, or kindly donate them to a charity. There is another option to up-scale these worn items and make them look as good as new or even better.

By utilizing fabric paint you can add color and upgrade your entire wardrobe. It can be difficult for women to find matching handbags and shoes. This paint can effectively be used to help items match.

Stenciling can be used to add effects and personalize your items

Implementing a stencil is a great way to custom items. It is a very easy process that can be used to completely change a piece of clothing by adding a unique shiny design. When stencil spray paint dries it will look and feel similar to a screen paint finish.

Some creative people wish to add a unique design that has a 3D layer to their clothes to make it stand out even more. This can again be achieved using a special type of spray paint

Add another dimension to your stenciling work

Puff paint can be applied to stencil on both light and dark fabrics. It is applied similarly to stencil spray paint as it is designed to use with stencils to create fun unique designs. It is also known as dimensional or 3D paint.  This is because the paint will puff up when heated or steam is applied to it. It can be easily heated with a hairdryer, however, steam it is recommended to activate the paint with steam to give an extra puffy finish. Puff paint is formulated for lasting adhesion to the fabric so your designs stay dimensional and intact after washing.

A gory way to decorate your clothes

For parties such as Halloween, it is essential to have an authentic costume. You can add drama by customizing your costume using fake blood spray to slash and splash to easily create blood effects such as bullet holes, dripping blood, or a random blood splatter effect. This will add a realistic touch to your costume

A blank canvas

If you do not have any old clothes to paint and wish to start a completely new project you can use plain white cotton t-shirts. These will be a blank canvas for you to spray paint whatever color and design you want.

Fabric spray paint can be purchased from of the Needham Group. This family-owned company has a wide variety of fabric spray paints that are non-hazardous to the environment and non-toxic meaning that it can be used safely by children to enjoy spray painting clothes. It is a simpler and less messy way to paint items compared to traditional dyes. It is also an easy process and applied quickly.