5 Signs That Are Telling You That Your Partner Is Marriage-Material

Are you anticipating the day you walk down the aisle in church? Getting married is a big deal, and it shouldn’t be just about you. It should be about your partner, too.

Is he ready?

Here are the signs:

1: He loves you — even when you could be unlovable at times.

If your partner stands by you — embraces your good traits and accepts your flaws, you’re looking at a long-term relationship. And you’re looking at a man who’s ready for a major commitment.

Because of his love for you, he will stand by you. To him, it doesn’t matter if you can be a bit irritable at the sight of other people. He understands that you have an unappealing side, which you may still be in the process of correcting.

The greatest thing about this is you can be true to yourself and be vulnerable in his presence. No matter what you do, he will always be there to wrap his arms around you.

2: He always consults with you during decision-making moments.

The next sign is about him wanting you to be part of his life for good. By letting you in on during decision-making moments, it means he doesn’t want to make any life changes without your understanding.

Did he get a job offer that requires him to move to another country? If so, did he ask your opinion about this? He cares about what you think and your thoughts will bear a weight on his decision.

3: He will go out of his way to be there for you.

You should also take it as a sign that he’s marriage-material if he will always be there you. Even if it’s during an inconvenient time, he’ll rush to you the moment you tell him that you need him.

4: He’s willing to invest effort in your relationship.

Another sign that says your partner is ready for marriage is his willingness to invest effort in your relationship. He messages you every day, takes you out on weekend trips, and shows up during important gatherings.

Having a streak of disagreements wouldn’t hinder him from the relationship. If he’s at fault and realizes your feelings were hurt, he will take the initiative of apologizing to you. In this sense, he doesn’t mind being wrong just to make you feel that he’s on your team.

5: He always wants to be with you.

If he does, it’s a sign that he’s all set to be with you forever. For him, there’s only you.  He has already given up some of his hobbies to make time for you — and just you.

He respects the fact that you need some alone time, too. But if it were all up to him, he wouldn’t leave you alone. Not wanting to be apart from you can be interpreted as him possessing a clingy habit. Then again, it also means that he can’t bear the thought of spending a moment without you.


If he shows these signs, your partner is somehow telling you that he’s ready for marriage. For all you know, he is just like you — also waiting for that day.

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